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  • Good afternoon michelle regarding smps 1k2w you could give me more details on driver transformer wire diameter and pcb terminal has three in its Annex the data transformer is
    P = 190 revolutions
    S = 20 laps
    excuse my english I'm using google translator.
    Someone is using your email adress and is sending messages (advertisement) to all guys that are present in your contact list.... they have captured your adress and they are sending in your name.

    Try to fix that as soon as you can..... or i will be forced to block your adress entrance in my inbox....if you cannot change..then create another adress, use antivirus, spywares software and try to desinfect your computer...i am sure someone is doing a bad thing using your email....someone have invaded your computer...i will try to attach the image....it is so fake that yahoo does not answer to this adress, as it is a non legal use of your adress.

    I could not post (attach) the image proving that someone is using your email adress..then write to me using another email adress and i will send you the message is being sent using your name.

    you can check topic ı post your circuits thanks and so sorry ı'm very busy these days
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