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  • im back brother after long time ive gone lol, its because im working at professional profession which its give me time limited, but now am as chief technical officer so i have much free time to DIY again :D
    Good day. Can you help. What size are the transformers for powersoft k20 and do u hav any schematic. If so pleas share with me. mgee626@yahoo.com

    Do you hav any powersoft schematic. If so pleas share with me. mgee626@gmail.com
    Message i sent to Alex..... also it is important that you know what i am asking to Alex..... here bellow my message to alex mm

    "Please Alex, do not post this pcboard to be sold, not here and not in DIY forum or any world forum because i am starting an activity to sell my Brazilian made amplifiers.... my amplifiers being offered will be a competition

    from my circuit with my circuit."

    I have posted my reasons to ask you to stop this movement in this same thread you have posted an image


    Hello MicrosiM
    I have nothing to say, but to raise my hat to the great effort you are putting in this site, I have read your reply here and decide to write to you.

    I know what I am looking for is available in the site, but I am a bit lost in here, and honestly I am behind schedule. I am looking for an SMPS design, that can provide 52VDC@16A (so your 1kW RMS will fit), but I can not find the latest design.
    Can you please advise the following:
    1- Where can I download the latest design for your 1kW SMPS.
    2- Hint to how to adjust my output voltage to 52V.

    Thanks in advance
    Hello MicrosiM
    I need (Troubleshooting & Repairing Switch Mode Power Supplies Jestine Jong) book and I'll be thanksful if you send me download link
    Hi, i'm Luca, just registered at this forum with same nickname, i come from your post in youtube about ucc28070.
    What kind of help do you need?
    Sorry for my little english, regards, Luca.
    hello MicrosiM can u help me sir to find a smps project that i can do it my self as complete project sch pcb and transformer thank u
    good afternoon.
    I have a 20mhz ociloscópe of analog, brand hitashi model V212.
    with probe x10, x100 could not end here. I can make switching power supply, thanks
    I would make the project to make my class D amplifiers
    I have a line array system that would autoamplificar and am looking to incorporate a good amp, I have a SMPS I found on this forum and put it to work.
    I count bastatne time to devote to the project and the support of a company engaged in manufacturing PCB.
    I hope the password please to put to work the project and also share in the forum.
    Hy MicrosiM , could you please send me in pm final schematic or at my mail cobi_lp@yahoo.com please

    keep losing track of wich one of these pcb's is the correct one ,,,,,,,,,,one that actually works ok

    thank you

    ps kindof a noob here
    Hello ~ ~ ~
    Whether to make friends ~ ~ ~ ~~
    My expertise is to design low-power power supply. Want to tell the teacher to ask a number of high-power technology exchange.
    My Skype: jerome_0214
    come on boy,
    send me password, of powe soft.rar to me "private message"
    let it please............. :)
    you good a man.
    Hello ~Hello!Feeling of power supply lines in the study design is pretty strong ...Can be friends?? Let us explore together to discuss the design of the power supply part exchange to increase knowledge.Skype?? Can spread to my mailbox: dion7843@yahoo.com.tw
    here is my design for a universal smps, it can use any transformer of etd 49/54/59 and
    input capacitors can be even salvaged capacitors from pc smps. i am enclosing some
    pics of the board i designed. i am not able to included the pdf or pictures.
    dr.rao from visakhapatnam
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