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    Battery Desulfator

    Hi all, I want to build a desulfator from a 50V moded ATX PS. When I power the PS through a light bulbe it works but when I plug it directly in the 220V it don't work !!! I use a current transformer to sense the current in the drain of the mosfet. Of course when powered through the light bulbe...
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    How does this overpower/short circuit protection circuit works?

    Hi all, All is in the title, I've joint the schematic. How to implement short circuit protection if the driving transformer have no extra winding for this function (only 3 pins in input) and without using pins 15 and 16 of the IC? Many thanks
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    Need help, please, for a lead acid battery charger.

    Hi all, I have an AT power supply and I want to convert it to a lead acid battery charger. The battery is a normal 12V for cars 75-100 AH. The PS is build arround TL494 and there is an LM393N IC. - What is the max voltage I can get from the 12V rail. - Can I use the 5V's coil (on the coupled...