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    Question about current regulation for half bridge unregulated 15V SMPS

    Hi from Belgrade, capital of Serbia! I have a question - how to make current regulation for half bridge (schematic is in the attachment) from 0 to 30 A, for high current car battery charger 12 V / 30 A max. Output voltage is not regulated, only current. The idea is only to connect SMPS as a batt...
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    Modifying 230V ac/12 Vac 160W electronic transformer for halogen bulbs

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to modify electronic transformer to work without minimum load, which is for this device 105 Watts, and maximum load is 12V/160 Watts, chopping frequency is about 30 kHz. Greetings from sunny Belgrade!
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    Voltage and current regulated buck converter 0 to 35 V and 0 to 5 A

    Hi to everyone! I want to make buck converter as lab power supply, it has to be with voltage and currrent regulation. Voltage source is a classic 50 Hz transformer from 230 Vac to 35 V dc /5 Amps and then is connected to above mentioned converter. I have a schematic with MC34060 chip but it has...
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    Trying to make SMPS substitution for mains regulated autotransformer

    Hi to everyone on DIYSMPS! I want to make SMPS substitution for 230 VAc VARIAC (regulated autotransformer from 0 to 300 Vac) with some kind of buck-boost SMPS converters - one for positive half of mains voltage and one for negative half of sinusoidal mains voltage or to make this device with two...
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    Forward converter 230Vac to 14Vac/20A

    I have a problem to make forward converter - it works good with lamps load:four halogen bulbs 12V/50W and one car bulb 12V/20W connected in parallel, and I adjust the duty cycle with trimmer and everything works fine (power consumption from mains is about 0.75A).But problem is that converter...
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    Power Supply 230Vac/12Vdc and 24Vdc/3kW

    Hi, I have a problem to build power supply - starter for cars and trucks and my idea is to build SMPS starter,some kind a cheap version like electronic transformers for halogen lamps but for much more power like 2 or 3 kW.Is anyone is willing to send me a schematic for this purpose?Here is...