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  1. destroyer x

    Dx amplifiers to be sold gonna be presented here.... Dx Classic II and DxS

    Here you have a text about the DxS: The one exceeds our spectations. THD less than 0.02% tipical 0.012% Output power 8 ohms = 143 Watts RMS Output power 4 ohms = 250 Watts RMS Sensitivity - 630 milivolts peak to maximum power (adjustable) Input impedance: 27K Flat from 3 hertz to 500...
  2. destroyer x

    This is the new amplifier from the Dx Series of audio power amplifiers...the Dx Boom!

    It is a bass amplifier, or a subwoofer amplifier..goes to 200 hertz only. It was made to match Dx Blame ST and Dx Super A being an complementary channel to reproduce only bass or subwoofer tones. It was a sold design, made to Miguel Nabuco (Mitchel) that allowed me to publish two low power...
  3. destroyer x

    Dx Super A - MKII - The most awesome audio amplifier i have ever made

    Dx Corporation, the Union of the best wide world audiophiles, reserve to itself the right to change schematics and circuits in order to make them even better following the stream of evolution of science and technology and our own evolution as human beings. The good amplifier of today may be a...
  4. destroyer x

    This is not fun.... i see that international press does not show the reality i

    in Palestine.... it is good to see the real thing... now we know clearly the ones are the bad guys there. regards, Carlos
  5. destroyer x

    Do you want to produce pcboards?

    I suggest you to use this is simple and easy to not spend your time...this software works for you..not the opposite. regards, Carlos
  6. destroyer x

    Dx Blame MKIII - Builder's thread

    Here you can post your images...from your amplifier, your parts bought and selected by you, pictures of your amplfier... from and whatever you want and need to post. Also this gonna be used to instruct people about adjustments.... tips and tricks, upgrades,updates...
  7. destroyer x

    Speakers sounds very different.... in this test, for instance, the only good one

    In my opinion, is the first one....all others no good after you have the chance to listen to the first one. Of course if the first one was not in that test i would make another choice. What this means?....when you have the chance to listen the best...anyone other will satisfy you anymore...
  8. destroyer x

    I would like to introduce you a very simple software to produce pcboards, schematics also simulations. They are two small programs that works in a complementary way...the first one is the livewire where you trace your schematic and can simulate it too. The second one is the PCBoard Wizzard, this one is able to produce printed...
  9. destroyer x

    How to make a simple, fast and cheap circuit boards.... Dx style

    I used to make this way since the sixties..i do think this is good as you can glue the board into the is cheap to be made...home made and very fast to produce boards. Of course this is amateur, a hobby alike this thread...for your enjoyment and to make your life easier when you...
  10. destroyer x

    I am using 7 band crossover, my own design adjusted while listening

    I have spent 4 monthes doing it... a very hard job..but now i am having the Symphonic inside my own home. Well... i had a software to monitor the whole thing too...RTA regards, Carlos
  11. destroyer x

    Dx Mako - The power machine

    Here you have a video.
  12. destroyer x

    Dx Blame Supercharged MKIII (three)

    This forum will provide you boards.... cheap chinese boards at cost price more 10 percent that will be to uncle charlie...i will be paid receiving will not even feel these 10 percent because we found very low price to boards..unbeatable price. So, the layout is being prepared by...
  13. destroyer x

    I was playing with a speaker and decided to make something with it

    Then i have used cardboard...a paper box and i made a quide to waves inside the case.... video will explain better than my words...worked fine.... was a nice i can produce it using real wood or MDF...was tested and worked fine. Here you have links to youtube videos...i have a lot...
  14. destroyer x

    I willl test this supply offered (schematic) by Bruno Moura

    Having good results, then i may share it here...not sure...maybe. Will depend if i manage to have some identification number i want from forum management. Renato, só publique após o meu OK! regards, Carlos
  15. destroyer x

    Needing informations to build a Dx amplifier..this one and others..then search

    Greg Erskine home pages. regards, Carlos
  16. destroyer x

    The best amplifier i have ever listened too..i am glad to present you the Dx Blame

    I will post in details, with several schematics and pictures, and i am ready to explain you details or whatever you want to know... despite i am not an engineer and i cannot explain you the way electrons will spin, if they use orange belts, or leather shoes...if they spin clockwise or...
  17. destroyer x

    My personal presentation - I am Destroyer x

    I am glad to be here, forum owner is nice and also the moderator...this drives me confortable and confident that nobody will be unfair and will come to bother here. My name is Carlos Eugênio Mergulhão, i have born in Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil, South America, in July of 1951.... so, as you...