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    1000w smps based on LUDO3232

    silvio sir, i want to make your version of 1kw SMPS for my 2x b215 project and i want to ask if this 12v psu can be suitable as aux. on your design, i planned to use AWG#30 for primary and AWG#28 for secondary, please see attached thank you
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    SMPS with PFC

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    Audio smps 700w (IR2153)

    the pdf was posted above... thank you very much sir
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    Audio smps 700w (IR2153)

    hi sir i am sorry for taking so long for replying you. i have found the schema it was from maxente but i know you can give me some advice i have a problem on posting multiple files for now, i do not know maybe my membership category... i was trying to learn upload multiple files, here was...
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    Audio smps 700w (IR2153)

    hi sir i have made this from your design there might be small changes based on my parts available, i had it with 50vdc rails using most parts from ATX psu. i do not expect high efficiency due to the parts i made and this is just for fun. i am powering my 2x100W amplifier. but i have some...
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    Audio smps 700w (IR2153)

    hi sir silvio as i look for the IR2153 circuits i had found your project and i am very much interested since i had most of the components you used the only thing i wanna clarify was the CORE to be used i had GBU606, 560u400x2, 2sk2654 x2, IR2153, etc... now the cores that i have taken from junk...