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  1. meanman64


    A new build of me. Lateral fet amp,2x50watts,rail voltage 35-0-35Vdc. All fet design made by Lineup from Each channel is using its own transformer and each winding of both the transformers a rectifier. You can see one channel build and the housing as it is now
  2. meanman64

    Mosfet amp 20 to 500 watt from 20VDC to 80VDC

    Boards will be with 105µm copper.For details look at the mosfet section
  3. meanman64

    DHR Turbo

    Want to start a groupsbuy of one of the previous high power amps of Carlos. The boards will be red or ??????.Copper traces will be 105µm.See schematic
  4. meanman64

    20~500 Watt Mosfet

    Mosfet amp from 20 Watts to 500 Watts with powerrail from +/-20Volts to +/- 80Volts. With DC protection onboard and switchable from Class AB to Class A. Fully working amp.
  5. meanman64

    DX Blame MKIII -HX

    people you can sign in for Blame MKIII boards, a new design fully approved by Carlos. Boards will be ordered when we reach 30 boards.Will post prices later.
  6. meanman64

    Group Buy 2KW Class-H Amplifier

    PCB of a 2KW Clas H amp with turn on delay, clip indicator short circuit price 23US$ ex shipping fully tested