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    Fully Discrete UCD with OVC and DC Protection

    Hello fellow switchmode fans :D I recently made some Amplifier modules to use it in several Projects of mine... Like the title says its UCD style, with dual power supply. I studied Bruno Putzeys paper + the UM10155 application note from Philips and developed my version of an discrete class d...
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    Right SMPS for 80W+20W class D

    Hi, i am designing a pair of active Studio Speakers. Bi-amped, and controlled by an ADAU1701 DSP. The DSP is already working. Also both amplifier, i just have to choose whitch i use. (i made a self oscillating with LM393 and IRF9540/540 pair, or an UCD like the Phillips UM10155) So i need a...
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    Powerful single supply AMP

    Hi, in the last months i worked on a Fullbridge amp with a single supply. This is the Result: :) First i tried it with Sawtooth + Comparator - PWM, but it didnt work so well, because there was a hearable noise. And i dint find out where the problem was. Then i changed the Modulator to self...
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    DIY Electronical Ballast 400W HQI

    Hi guys, Has someone here experience with electronical Ballasts for HQI Lamps? Because i built one, but i have some problems: First the lamp wasnt able to start, it was flaring at 50Hz (i guess) Then i added a capacitor after the rectifier, it was flaring lesser but still flaring, then i...
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    1.2 KW @ 4 ohm simple Sub amp

    Hi, this week i built a new Class D which runs at 67Khz (fullbridge with IRFP250) to drive my 650Wrms Arls Subwoofer. The circuit needs only 80*100mm :adoration:
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    SMPS for Class-D amp.

    Hi everyone, :) I am building a Class d amp (almost finished) which needs +/-60V at ca. 800W I tried some regulated designs but they didnt work well (driving the mosfets with GDT's)... So i thougt about a unregulated design with IR2153, IRF740 and a ETD49 core. Is it possible to realise it with...