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  1. MicrosiM

    Switch Mode Power Supply for Arduino based energy meter

    use PI Expert, everything you need to know is there
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    1000w smps based on LUDO3232

    The old forums are no longer active. Everything moved to this new platform, the old one was a real pain! Thanks
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    1000w smps based on LUDO3232

    Hello Silvio the old url should work fine as nothing is changed! the attachments should work fine now
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    LED Driver IC 51LP

    Fixed this one?
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    Scale able class D 1250W UCD style and Non-UCD style - PCB Ready. Tested.

    @norazmi Any updates over this?
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    1000w smps based on LUDO3232

    Forums update finish, attachments are working! finally
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    1kW smps project (based on MicrosiM design)

    Forums update finish
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    Powerful single supply AMP

    @Plasma, Looks very nice start. My 2KW class-d size 9.4CM x12CM, self oscillating delivering 130VRMS @ 4 Ohms running at 230VDC Hope that helps
  9. MicrosiM

    My 1KW Commercial SMPS

    The new SMPS-1200 will be released soon. The first unit passed all tests. Specifications: Output voltages Unregulated +-55 +-62 +-75 +-81 +-84 +-90 AUX-1 +-24VDC Unregulated AUX-2 +-15VDC Regulated AUX-3 +12V Regulated (for class-d) Fan output +12V Standby input DC Error input Other...
  10. MicrosiM

    SYSTEM_D Class-D amplifier using IRS-2092 ChocoHolic Design

    Hello. I would like to share my testing experience with the (SYSTEM_D Class-D amplifier using IRS-2092 designed by ChocoHolic) This is a 400W @ 2 Ohms Class-D amplifier that was developed by ChocoHolic at diyaudio, I bought my PCBs to test the performance of the amplifier, and to conduct...
  11. MicrosiM

    My new Class-D Amplifier 1250W @ 8R, 2500W @ 4R

    Hello. Just showing a quick video of my new class-d amplifier delivering good amount of power, from a small sized module. This is a self oscillating class-d amplifier, not using IRS2092. This amplifier can run from any voltage range +-50VDC up to +-100VDC without any modifications. Can run...
  12. MicrosiM

    My 1KW Commercial SMPS

    My new 1300W SMPS My latest SMPS updates. The new SMPS delivered is smaller in size, more peak output current! up to 27A DC at the output from this new rugged SMPS. Same output voltages, all ranges will be available. as old model, smaller size 11.5CM x 20.5CM Very low RFI radiation, deadly...
  13. MicrosiM

    Please, take a look at this TL494 power supply, is everything OK?

    See below circuit, and compare with it, this is used for an unregulated SMPS, so at lease it will guide you to know whats going on
  14. MicrosiM

    My 1KW Commercial SMPS

    SMPS Facing 15000uF Here is the latest updates, Connected GB150D Mosfet Amplifier, (Really Nice Amplifier) Sound is amazing, Natural SMPS Faced 15000uF each rail at start up without any problems
  15. MicrosiM

    Boards Share

    My PCBs made at REAL-PCB Yes, I think so!! :D Great service and great quality PCBs, Good service and Good price. :UP: Here I am showing my new PCBs for (CLASS-D AMPLIFIER) and (Power Factor Corrector) made at REAL-PCB. Very high quality PCBs. More pictures to come soon. Regards..
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    1kW smps project (based on MicrosiM design)

    Yes, I think its better. you can start with the below SMPS is better for your application
  17. MicrosiM

    1.5 KW Class D amplifier based on IRS2092, Commercial

    Main Amplifier board is complete! Now the main amplifier board PCB is completed. This will become reality in some time, but not very soon, because we have to make the PCBs, and we have to TEST them. This is a TH components version of the Class-D amplifier, without SMD!! comes with power...
  18. MicrosiM

    My 1KW Commercial SMPS

    More pictures from the assembly... Again some pictures as promised. Using highest quality components :) Regards
  19. MicrosiM

    My 1KW Commercial SMPS

    Thanks for those who ordered the SMPS. :) Pictures of the assembly, remember that this SMPS uses electronic components from RS Electronics and from Farnell ONLY. It worth every euro you have just paid. thanks
  20. MicrosiM

    My 1KW Commercial SMPS

    Hello, Here I present my 1000W SMPS for audio amplifiers, this SMPS was carefully designed to outperform any SMPS in the market compared to its size and power capabilities. Input voltage 110 or 240 / selectable Possible Output voltages:- +- 53, +-64, +-78, +-93, +-104. (Unregulated) AUX1...