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  1. Silvio

    1000w smps based on LUDO3232

    What power are you looking for? Is it for audio purpose?
  2. Silvio

    1000w smps based on LUDO3232

    I think I will stay here and forget the old site. I like it more here. The task bar includes everything you need and you do not have to go to advance etc everything is here. :)
  3. Silvio

    Flyback uc3845 transformer core hating up.

    well it depends how much the transformer heats up. It can go up to 80 degrees Celsius with no ill effects as long it does not go beyond 100 degrees. What heats up the transformer is the amount of magnetic flux and switching speed. It may be most likely that the flux density is a little high...
  4. Silvio

    1000w smps based on LUDO3232

    Congratulations on the new setup. The site looks much better now. I was trying to log in on the old url but did not find anything and taught there was something wrong. I made a search on google and found it again :)
  5. Silvio

    Flyback uc3845 transformer core hating up.

    Hello there, I am just seeing your post about this flyback smps. One thing that comes to my mind that your core is heating up is the core material may not be suitable for such a high frequency. Why not try a lower frequency for example 50Khz and reduce the gap accordingly for the required...
  6. Silvio

    TL494 halbridge like ATX problem

    As far as I can see the pulse is not right on all the scope shots. The pulse should show more like a square wave rather than a spike. The configuration of the TL494 is rather odd, to my believe the opamp at pins 1 and 2 is there to control the output voltage (PWM) Why are you using the DTC to...
  7. Silvio

    1kW smps project (based on MicrosiM design)

    Hello again, I made some calculations and found out that one core can give the power needed. I would rather go for full bridge at this power. I cannot read Russian and do not know exactly the parameters. I cross checked with my Excellent IT (english) and found these results Switching...
  8. Silvio

    SG3525 Half bridge battery charger- MOSFET blown issue.

    My setup powering an 8w lamp 12v. The supply input was 16v
  9. Silvio

    SG3525 Half bridge battery charger- MOSFET blown issue.

    Here are some test that I have been conducting. I made myself a GDT for a full bridge smps and I was trying to find the best way to get a good waveform. The schematic below of my setup. You notice a snubber made up of 10nF and 47ohm resistor to tame down any spikes generated by the GDT...
  10. Silvio

    Mistique You can find the pdf on the link below the pdf file is on post #13...

    Mistique You can find the pdf on the link below the pdf file is on post #13 regards Silvio
  11. Silvio

    Class D 200 Wrms with 2 mosfet cheap

    If you intend to supply the 12v from a 45v supply there will surely be a lot of dissipation if you had to use the first circuit with 2 transistor. As you can clearly see the original supply voltage is 15v on the schematic. On the other hand the supply voltage of the second circuit is also 12v...
  12. Silvio

    Calculation programs for transformers and inductors

    open the file and double click on the colored icon I am running windows 10 64bit and the version 7300 works fine regards Silvio
  13. Silvio

    Need help for opto driver

    @ mihaiu16 I have seen the datasheets of the opto drivers and transistors. The output current of the optocouplers are a little bit on the low side compared to the IR2110 one being of a maximum of 400mA while the IR2110 is 2A. The opto driver is meant to drive small and medium sized devices...
  14. Silvio

    EER43 Windings

    Here is my idea for you. I just noticed I made a small mistake the output voltage should read 16v and not 50v I was considering 50 Amperes not volts when I wrote 50v.
  15. Silvio

    SMPS with PFC

    *for the same power, the higher the output voltage the smaller the capacitor needs In the pfc circuit to my believe the value of the capacitor determines the hold time at load. Check this ( I sent you mail)
  16. Silvio

    Car amp smps

    EI 33 can give you 200-300w 17wires X 0.5mm get you 3.33mm² of copper wire. This can handle 20A or more for audio purpose 250w / 12v = 20A Your switching frequency with 0.5mm wire can go up to 70Khz With 3 turns primary @ 12v you get 4v per turn so secondary voltage at 9+9 you get a little...
  17. Silvio

    Best heat transfer insulator

    I encuntered a dilemma what to choose as an insulator behind a power transistor. Is it a silicone pad, a mica pad or a ceramic pad. Which of these deliver the best heat transfer to the heat sink? Which of these has the best electrical insulating properties? And lastly Safety. All opinions are...
  18. Silvio

    Resonant SMPS using L6599

    @ Res For loads you can get some heating elements from old microwave ovens. These may have grill function and usually they have a couple of heating elements rated 450w at 120v. They are usually hooked up in series. These make very good loads. I also use halogen lamps to load my smps with...
  19. Silvio

    Llc hb smps 2000w

    I usually find 550uF, 680uf and sometimes 1000uf all with 400 to 450v rating. The 1000uF are not suitable because of the extended height being a cm or so higher than the others. The 1000uf x 100v I buy from aliexpress which are quite good with no ill effects. This is the capacitor I was...
  20. Silvio

    Llc hb smps 2000w

    I have been reading the tread of today's posts. Talking about recycled capacitors I guess you noticed that my input capacitors are not new and these came from used inverter air conditioners. These are found in the outdoor unit pcb which control the 1Kw DC inverter motor (12000 BTU). They all...