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    Short-circuited my brand new SMPS :-(

    hanair, That link helped me find the power supply.
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    Short-circuited my brand new SMPS :-(

    hanair, I looked for that power supply on Aliexpress but didn't find it. Do you have a link or part number for the power supply?
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    How to measure BVDSS in flyback circuit

    I used PI Expert to design a flyback supply, 45 volts, 1 amp. When the design finishes, I get a warning to "verify design on bench and ensure BVDSS on MOSFET is below 700V". How do I do that? I built the supply and with a 100X probe (scope ungrounded) connected across drain and source, I...
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    Best IR2153 design?

    I ordered a couple of IR2153D chips and a few high voltage Mosfets today to begin experimenting with a half bridge ~200-250W power supply. I have ETD39 cores and bobbins on hand so I will use them for the transformer. What is the best 2153 design on the diysmps site to use as a basis for design...
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    Flyback vs Half Bridge question

    I have built a flyback power supply running at 65 KHz based on the ON semiconductor NCP1217. It delivers +/- 30 volts at 3 amps. I'm using it with a LM3876 amplifier delivering 55 watts output. I was only trying to obtain 40 watts but the power supply was able to supply more current than I...