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    class h 3 tier 2ohms stable

    hi all i am starting this thread because i want a simple powerfull,stable,silent, effecient i.e low heat amp like td class amplifier. apex class h has been a real inspiration . The reason i chose 3 tier .is because of the output capabilities , also i make my own smps power...
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    the diy inductance meter

    hi all i just found this lc meter which is easy to make . it is a very usefull to designers with class d output filters , smps inductors , and those who design passive crossovers . very many thanks to systemjol of htforum for pic making and programing
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    2 kwts discreet class d need help

    hi guys i have constructed and have been using this ucd amp based for quite some time . i wanted to juice it up to use multiple output like 4 pairs of irfp250 / ifrp260 or 3pairs of irf540 like in iraud 9amp with 250and 260 i wanted to do +/-72vlts at 4 to 2 ohms i dont have ociloscope...