1 KW SMPS Project Discussion

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In a few days I am suppose to start doing my version of Half-Bridge SMPS and I will try to provide all of you with all necessary formulas and explanations. Just please don’t hold me firmly for words “few days” because I am so very busy with many other things and activities. That is the part of electronic related to audio amps and I want to complete my WEB site with that area to make it more useful – so, I will do that for sure.


You still intrested to be part of this?


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Nice project you got here. :) Wanted to ask, is it possible for beginner to build this 1kW SMPS? Don't have a scope.


I just want to share an idea that i keenly observed thru lots of reading of previous thread
started by gioloucas, ludo and microsim..it's about the expected voltage per turn for the secondary
based on the number of turns in the primary and the voltage of one mains filter capacitor..example
the primary has a total of 22 turns and the actual measured voltage of one capacitor is 132 v..just divide
132 by 22 and you will get 6 volts per turn for the secondary..so if you have 18 turns on secondary its voltage
will be 6 times 18 and it is 108 volts..

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