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Some time ago I launched the second generation of PCB's 2xTDA7294, this is my project DP0121 MK2, which can use two pcs. of TDA7294, which can be set stereo or in bridge configuration.

I still have several PCBs available for sale (photo below - PCB's looks much better than the attached picture !!! ) and the price per piece according to the quantities ordered is as follows (The PCB dimensions are 105mm x 35mm, FR4, 1.6mm):

If you buy: 1 or 2 pcs. then 5 Euro/pcs.

If you buy: 3...10 pcs. then 4,5 Euro/pcs..

If you buy more than: 10 pcs. then 4 Euro/pcs.

Shipping in EU countries is about 15 Euros (standard shipping with Romanian Post - for example: receiving parcels will be made for those from the USA with USPS, for those from the Netherlands with Netherlands Post...). If you are outside the European Union, the ship price varies from one country to another - for example: Chile, about 25USD.

After making your prepayment here (Tehnium Azi - Home - Portalul Tehnium Azi is my website):
please send me a private message here, then I will prepare the package and send it on the next working day.

Immediately after confirmation of payment, in the next 24 hours I will send you a pdf file with schematic and BOM.

And please send me your delivery address via private messaging here or my e-mail: donpetru[around]gmail[dot]com

LATER EDIT: Video test 2xTDA7294 here:


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