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Hello everyone! This is my first post at this forum and when I registered was suggested to show some projects - so here you go. I wanted to build something like this long time ago and finally make it.
I don't wanna rediscover the hot water actually many of the ideas are taken from other designs like here:
but I made a combination of the ideas that I like.

A week ago I tested the schematic - build it on a veroboard. Everything went normal working good and sound is promising don't have full impressions because listened one channel only. Still don't have PCB I will try to create one and a bit help here will be much appreciated.

It is intended to work with 8R load. It can work with 4R too but NOT in continuous maximum output power - exceeds the SOA of IRFP260N.

Feel free to give me any suggestions and critics if you think that will make the schematic better it is still in testing and there is no problem to test something new.

Best Regards!


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Hi again!

We have a PCB now thank's to the best PCB maker in the world - Alex MM.
Thank you very much and you deserve more than a beer I think :):w)

It comes in two versions - REV1.1 with TO220 drivers and REV1.2 with TO126 drivers.

So happy building and have fun!


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With regard to the SOA MOSFET, used for over a year, the project of Quasi and I have never had a problem using it with heavy loads (below 4 ohms), your project should have no problem at 4 ohms...


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Forget about this post...

Ooops...I forgot about that posted this here. I'm very sorry about this.

Since the last post there were some changes to the project. When I build the amp I discovered that my schematic was wrong (very angry to myself x-() so because of that Alex created a wrong PCB.

!!!Attached files in the first post are WRONG so don't use them if you decide to build this!!!

After short communication problem was solved. I have build two channels and PSU. All works and sound awesome. Next step will be to install everyhing in box and my new amp will be ready.

Here are the updated schematic , PCB and PSU boards files.

See also how the ready boards looks:
pic1.JPG pic2.jpg

It is not perfect but is build in the true DIY spirit - even my etching solution was DIY and for PCB's used the toner transfer method.
I hope you like it.

Best Regards!
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