diyaudio Owners Life Thread


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To Admin,

Could you please tell me exact reason of removing my thread "diyaudio Owners Life" ? x-(

It was there for more than one year, I tried to inform people about the truth of donation at diyaudio, and how the owner of diyaudio lives with the donation money + the money earned by ADs, I also wrote how much he earns every year from donation.

Please tell me reason, I will post again if no response.



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Is this why they removed my thread?

Because I am telling truth?

This guy is have a great life from diyaudios donations,just i am telling people what to do



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60US$ x 12 Months = 720US$ per company

at least 60 companies subscribed, then 43000US$ per year from PAID forums + General ads also:D.

Oh sorry, dont forget donations also ((@, around 3000 donation since years x 30US$ in average that's 90,000 US$

Wow, what a business is out there in diyaudios?

Please. be aware of whats going on, and that picture above describes the life he enjoys ;)


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I found out that diyaudio charge 100US$ per month for space rent, like if you want to rent a forum

what a good price



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DiyAudio is a huge site, a wealth of information there, millions of posts:
Members: 249,404
Threads: 218,224
Posts: 3,296,462

If an owner can make a living from it, great! But I'm sure it's a huge amount of work to admin and moderate, and something for a really passionate person.
I think they could make more money if they got their kits happening. This site could too, as we all don't have the time to do the schematic, bill-of-materials, pcb layout, parts procurement etc.
Many Chinese companies offer cute, low cost kits but their quality is very poor, so I think people want higher quality stuff.


What is the point?Why You think Your tread is deleted becouse that information?Is that some TOP SECRET,or matematics?Why DIYAudio is important,and his owner life?What is Your connection with them?what,what,what,what is,what,why,why,who,....xexexeexe.I wish him and or other people to make 1000.000.000$.You think it's easy to make popular site?Yeah-YOU TRY!!!
Donation is good think.Donate to some site if You have some interest or just You wish to that site stay alive.
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