Dx Blame Supercharged MKIII (three)

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I am very sorry dear friend...but...a long time has passed and an old man like me cannot remember any detail about it.....so many
amplifier models made after this one.

All i know is that i use to publish in www.diyaudio.com...... in solid state section all updates and pcboard layout i have.

I am not keeping these files in my computer anymore due to people invading my computer.....so....my files are published and them deleted.....DIYSMPS and DIYAUDIO are the main places my files are publishde and you should search for them there.

I also have a forum...more a file archive than a forum....and the adress is www.dxamp.com.br

This forum...my forum....was created by a friend that takes care of it.....i am just the name there....but he have published a lot of things there and i use to go there to visit once a week.

I am sorry....if not published here in SMPS.....if not published in www.diyaudio.com....... if not published in www.dxamp.com.br them it is lost for ever.




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Dear Carlos
thanks for creating such wonderful amps for the diyers and for the lovers of good sound. diy community shall ever be indebted to you for the dx amps.
thank you Sir
hats off

your a living legend sir



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Dear friends i wish to ask a help from you

Dear friends

After many years i am living a different sittuation in my life...now a days my daugther grown up....she passes tests and enters a College to learn Medicine.... this college is not from Government, i do not

have aid from government.... uncle charlie has to pay almost 2000 USD each month for my baby to study there....it is a struggle to me to pay my responsability to help my baby to study there....if i stop to pay she

will have to leave the college.... i have no money enougth to do that....to face this payment..... reason why i have started three years ago, an activity to sell assembled amplifiers in Brazil....and i did that but now a

days this market is saturated as i have sold hundreds units and almost all audiophile has his own circuit and because of that they will not buy anymore.

Then i decided to return to DIYaudio forum and buy a space from them to use as a market place to sell amplifiers....i am just starting to do that.... almost starting and now a days only working hard to supply forum

with informations about my new amplifiers Dx Classic and DxS... a needed movement due to the fact that forum, despite not free enough for us to make a living from them, is the one has almost 460 thousand

members subscribed and almost 30 thousand members reading forum each day..... and this is a hpe to me.

I will not be happy to see any of mine diy amplifiers, the for free units beeing offered in this forum or in any other forum due to the fact will be competing with the one i am selling....not fair a competition from me

with myself....so, i am asking Mr. Alex mm not to start sales, group buy or any activity that is connected with my amplifiers, even if he is doing this with the intention to help me..... despite the good intention will

not help me as i have invested a huge ammount of money producing hundreds of pcboards and buying parts to assemble my amplifiers to be sold, and these ones must be sold, Dx Classic II and DxS...these are my

choice to populate the world....simple and with excelent sonics audio amplifiers.

Of course i can post my Dx Classic II and DxS here to...to be sold......i can export wide world.... payment by Pay Pal system, if Sami authorize me to be selling stuff here.

Once again, it is a surprise to me to see my amplifier back to life with pcboards designed by Alex mm....i do not want these ones to be sold or advertised and it will be very bad to me... i hope Alex understand and

Sami understand....both of us have family and both of us have responsabilities.



Post scriptum: on time, my youtube channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9xnp-350vDnDhEpNv_XVxg
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Hi all,
I not intend to do any group buy, or/nor sale boards, it's just a revisited PCB for my self . Everything it's for testing in this variant the sound . Are other people on Ebay who sales this amplifier without any rights.
Have a nice day ,
Alex mm


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We will follow your instructions.

You are welcome to sell your amplifiers here also.

Good luck

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Yes, i know about Jim..... he asked me the layout to produce pcboard to a few members.... i fail not to ask you first..... i gave him the layout...then i further discovered he had whole world as close group of friends...he fooled me.

But i am protected, his pcboard is one defective we made latter some corrections...so, his unit will have problems related overshot and oscilations and may self destruct...i told DIYaudio people about that, and i have said to them not to buy from Jim that is a pirate.

I am sorry, i fail not to ask you first as layout designer if i could give to the man the layout....my failure dear Alex...i am presenting, publically, my excuses about that.

I was afraid you would listen people asking you to start group buy..... i see you did not.....and i thank you very much by this lievel of respect you have dedicated to me... i sadly have not retributed all that respect in the same level.....sadly...i am sorry.

I see you have not open sales...... a bad stuff to me if you did as would compete with me....would be me competing with myself......and worse..... a great layout design made by you that makes this one even more interesting...and group buy is cheap, so...no sales to mine ones as i included my work into the price to have some profit...group buy has not profit.

I tried, several times to block Jim...i fail....the only resource i had was to tell people what is gone wrong related my conversation with him...as i said..he asked me the layout to make a FEW pcboards for his close friends...it seems to me he is friend of the whole world...a dirt pirate he is.

Now a days i am not a DIY anymore.... i am selling stuff...needing money....small daughter is now second year of Medicine...it is costing thousand dollares and my retirement fee is not half of that..so...neeeding to complement to face the expenses related the University.

I am glad to met you.... despite in a bad moment of misunderstanding..but despite the disconfort, a feel good to talk with a so nice fellow.


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