Gate drive supply for flyingcap three level simulation.


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I have a problem I can not overcome right, the drive of a multilevel flying cap system who is for Class d testing.

I did wnat that to try with Gan, so open loop can be tested.

I did try in LTspice with the LMG5113 stacked on four mosfets but get not the desire signals.

I have read some papers but did not get enough info.

Is here someone who now some? I think that for the floating mosfets above the grounded referenced ones I need also a insulated pwm drive from comparator?
The most problem is how to drive the pwm inputs of the driver ic,s Lin and Hin, do I level shift them, and what is the best way then because I get really bad sims.
Also the b

I have done one with LTspice basic stuff and that works, I do now also how to make the pwm signals for it.

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So I include a link to the invention who let see the use of digital insulated inputs, I did try level shifting who I think is not usable, casaded multilevel inverters need shure insulated supplys and pwm. The flying cap has the first pair mosfets -60 volts referenced or gnd referenced with single supply.

And here is the paper who uses the lmg 1205 chip.

driver insolated needed for floating mosfets? or can I level shift them in a f;ying cap stage three level where first two fets are ground referenced or -60v symetrical supply for zero output to load. The first gate driver ic on -60v referenced does switch fine, the other two floating mosfet and driver does not, that is why I ask what do I wrong.

see the info included.

thanks in advance.
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