Hi End power amplifier


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That's realy a nice looking amp,like the layout very much.Do you have Gerber files?
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Gerber data files are available only through the author PCB, subject to certain terms and conditions regarding intellectual property.
Probably supplied ready assembled and tested modules.

All data from the simulation with LT Spice, not measured.
In my country , Romania it is very hard to find high precision measurement devices Audio Precision A1 - Neutrik ( http://www.nti-audio.com/Portals/0/Products/Discontinued/A1_Manual.pdf ) or other prestigious brands ...
The simulation was performed in conditions as close to reality, without Beta transistors to be equal on each half of PNP and NPN schematic ...
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Soon the project will be ready audio amplifier.
Only if the author will provide real pictures and the final assembly of components.
Some values ​​of those components have not been published in this phase of construction for the fine tuning for " golden ears " , the project aims to be as better without revisions or comments.



You've made and how about audio caracteristic?.... how max watt?
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