How to know parameters of existing SMPS Transformers ?


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kind like to know if there are simple methods to measure the parameters of existing SMPS Transformers ?
Like ferrite core parameters, turn ratios, parameters of the primary or secondary windings.

I have a transformer like this:

The only data I have is that the secondary windings has 2400 turns and that this Transformer could be used with a fly-back topology at max. 15khz.

I would like to use this Transformer to built a plasma speaker. But would like to make some simulations on my PC first.

Thanks for any help and tricks to estimating the parameters.


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I am recovering transformer cores, but have no idea, how to estimate their properties. Sorry.


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The winding in it and it's pinout doesn't or will not correspond with your amps layout. The awg of the primary and secondary may not be what u want, base on the components value for ur smps moreover in order to do so, u will need to know the output voltage, and current, effective cross sectional area of the ferrite core, Bmax, Frequency of oscillation and many others parameters. So technically u can't, u just to rewind it as u want. Or u can just open the core and unwind it and count the turns and wind it back,