How to make a simple, fast and cheap circuit boards.... Dx style

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I used to make this way since the sixties..i do think this is good as you can glue the board into the is cheap to be made...home made and very fast to produce boards.

Of course this is amateur, a hobby alike this thread...for your enjoyment and to make your life easier when you need some voltage regulator, atenuator, meter, VU meter circuit or any simple circuit you need to produce fast.

Observe that Surface Mount Devices (SMD) ... something modern, use the same assembled directly over the copper surface.

Enjoy the video as it shows the whole stuff.




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Carlos, Have you ever tried to make PCBs using positive/negative photo rezist? I have done like that about 5 square meters PCBs jet. One PCB (doesnt depend on dimensions) takes me about 15 minutes, when I have prepared PCB with that rezist. Here is some guide:


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I enjoyed your watching work. Simple and fast. Specially the portion of Oxygen Peroxide and Hydrochloric Acid mixture. I can now discard my Ferric Chloride that took me 30 minutes to dissolve the copper of my prepared pcb using photo resist.

I also want to try your nail polish technique and used transparent plastic with cut holes for pad sizes of etch as tracing guide. But surely this will be slower process because yuo have wait for nail polish to dry. But cleaner pcb work. I hope this will work. You might want to try it and show us the video. Many thanks for sharing.
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