Leco amplifier complete with SMPS


I kept 6 amplifiers modules Leco, with a destination a little special, becoming 2 Leco amplifiers with SMPS, one with 2 modules and second with 4 modules 2 bridged on each cnannel.

Finished first one with 2 modules, modules wich uses some output devices with SOA of 2,50A/80V/1Sec, supplied at +/- 116,5Vdc when mains supply is around 225-230Vac.

The amp is starting and working from minimum 160Vac, surely with lower power, but, IT WORKS!

Some specifications, at first tests, minumum guaranteed:

OUTOUT POWER 2x650W/8 Ohm (2x72Vrms Out) and 2X1200W/4 Ohm (2x70Vrms Out) at 225Vac , altough on 8 ohms I measured 75V rms (703W) and on 4 ohms 71-72Vrms (1260W) one channel at time tested.

Frequency reproduced 10Hz-30Khz with attenuation of 1db at extremes.
Rise and fall time lower than 3uSec, tipically 2,75uSec.

Balanced inputs, sensitivity 1,2Vrms.

Shortcircuit protection.

Thermal controlled fans, with antidust startup.

Inrrush current max 5Amps/500uSec

Soon I will adapt I.O.C SOA and input output comparator limiter .
Today, Saturday 7 September 2013, is it's first event, playing all night long to one wedding, on Ev tops, 8 ohms, from 45Hz above.

Some pictures during execution, and tests:



Test 1:


Test 2:


On first event on music:



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Very good amp, nice sound!!!Very good mixer and speakers!The place you demo your amp is beautiful.....


nice work dj leco .a true RMS machine. hope you build a class d to go with your amazing high power smps


Soon, but first, I want to debelob pigger power AB class modules, with more output devices per rail, full stable also into 2 ohms, practically from 1 ohm above, thank's to SOA-IOC comparator, wich monitors also distortion above 0,05%