Short-circuited my brand new SMPS :-(


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Edit: This was not an issue. I had my multi-meter in AC mode like I would test a transformer!

I just received my SMPS from AliExpress and while trying to check the voltage its output got short-circuited accidentally.

This model is very popular in ebay and AliExpress, and attached is its picture from the seller's listing.

This SMPS is supposed to be 300W with main outputs +/-24V, and I shorted -24 V pin to 0 volt. I am hoping it is still repairable.
Can any one guess what might have blown by short circuiting the outputs?

Thank you so much for your help!


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hanair, I looked for that power supply on Aliexpress but didn't find it. Do you have a link or part number for the power supply?