Subwoofer processor i need


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Hi friends.

i'm looking forward to find a project that offer this features

1- match the stereo signals at the entry
2- buffering the signal (gain)
3- variable Hi pass crossover ( 10 to 40hz) 4th
3- variable low pass crossover ( 60 to 150 hz) 4th
4- equalizer
5- 180 o. Phase variable
6- Linkwitz Transform if possible

i allready some projects, but none had these fueatures.

tks a lot


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Sub woofer filter

greetings having made lc audio subwoofer filter i did not like it better sub woofer filter is on this site
ELECTRONICS FOR YOU INDIA it has pcb and uses 1 TLO84 ic this works better than the lc audio sub filter check for projects to down load it efy charges 3$ i am looking for the files since it has been a long time i made it if i find it i will post pcb and schematic
warm regards
here is schematic

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Thank you guys.

i've seen this project, in another forum, i guess.

thats interesting.

seems like pretty good.

i'll try build it.