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Hi, friends, i want know how work axillary vcc of shematic that i attached hear?


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funciona como fonte regulada de 12volts para alimentar o sg3525 fazer fonte funcionar e depois funcionando a fonte ele se auto alimenta pelo enrolamento do trafo
The 100k resistor initially charges up the 2 capacitors 100uf until the SG chip starts to oscillate, the auxiliary winding will then generate the voltage needed to power the auxiliary supply. The voltage at the auxiliary supply is held constant and regulated by the zener diode and the transistors. The load on the 100K resistor is then taken off as the necessary voltage will be supplied from the auxiliary winding.
Mistique You can find the pdf on the link below the pdf file is on post #13

regards Silvio
Hello Silvio. I was wondering if you can send me the pdf of the 700w smps with ir2153 project.
Hello Sir,

I'm working on Detex HD2500 PCB and I noticed that negative side step is not working like positive side step. Did you find any error on this PCB/schematic. In the same time I found that there are a missing additional transistor than in the yamaha schematic. And also I'm confused in the same time because in another schematic from powertech HD3600, which is almost the same schematics with Detex hd2500, negative side step is working properly. Where is the problem?

Please help.

Many thanks,

Hello Rinchz, I am sorry to hear that you had the earthquakes and also about the house. Its a bit quiet around here at the moment. You still can go to the older forums and read what others wrote over time. You still can gain experience in smps. Blog posts are also good and there are a few that I wrote myself. I make a lot of reserch when I do something and I learn a lot. I also try to pass what I learn to others so that everyone can get some knowledge.

I know that getting your house fixed again will take some time. I wish you the best of health and hope that you will settle again to normal life soon.

Regards Silvio.
hi sir i will be off in building my hobbies for a moment due to we suffered earthquake three successive magnitudes 6.3, 6.6, 6.5 with intensity 7 and up, w/ more aftershocks for now. it causes damages that leads our house to no longer habitable. but i will continue reading some posts any moment for fun and learnings.

You can download the file on page 2 post #13 on the tread 700w smps by Silvio
Hello, Silvio! I read your post about the 700W source with IR2153 and I am interested in receiving it by e-mail.
My address is:
Thank you very much!
Hi Delta67 If you want some information for converting an ATX supply I found a website that explains this in detail. The site is in Italian but you can use google translate to get it to English or another language of your choice. I myself found it very helpful and it can guide you very well.


Regards Silvio
Hi Silvio,
I hope u're fine and u're enjoying ur time.
Many thanks for ur projects and videos , keep this great work on.
I need ur help please to convert a TL494 based ATX power supply to a 3 stage LA battery (60AH) charger.
Many thanks in advance.
Best regards
Hi prabhusweng,
I hope u're fine and u're enjoying ur time.
I need ur help please to convert a TL494 based ATX power supply to a 3 stage LA battery (60AH) charger.
Many thanks in advance.
Best regards
I am going to make smps to apply to vacuum tube amplifiers
So far I have used the sg3525 and ir2110 to make a power of more than 450V 1A