How to rate output power of SMPS


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Hi everyone, this is my first post! I'm working on a project to build a SMPS for the purpose of charging a capacitor bank. The prime power source will be a 24 V battery and the output voltage needs to be 250 VDC. I'm trying to narrow down which topology I should use which could be the push-pull, half-bridge, or full-bridge.

The capacitor bank needs to be fully charged in 1 minute. I calculated the time constant and then the resistance value (67 ohms). This would mean that the current draw from the capacitor bank would be 3.73 A at time = 0. So, the instantaneous power at that time would be 250 V * 3.73 A = 933 W. Is this what the power output of the power supply should be rated?

But as the capacitor bank is charging, the current draw from it decreases exponentially which would change the power output of the power supply. So in this case, would the average power output be the number I should use as the rated power output?

I'm hoping to answer is not 933 W as that would mean I should go with the full-bridge topology which I've read is one of the more complicated to build :ambivalence:

Thanks in advance for any help!