Input-VAS regulated power supply +-48vdc to +-90vdc


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The HPA-nxVolt One is a high quality Input/VAS dual rail voltage regulator with a difference. The main purpose of the regulator is to provide a clean isolated supply to the Input-VAS stages of the nxV200 R2, nxV300 R2 and nxV500 R2 amplifier modules. There by improving the objective and subjective performance of these amplifier modules.

Instead of being a fix voltage regulator it can be adjusted over a 50 volt DC range from +-38 volts to +-90 volts and be able to deliver currents up to 200ma continuously, 1.5 amps peak and adjusted by a pair of 25 turn onboard pots.

There is no current folded back protection to hold back this regulator, current overload is provided by a mini SMD onboard fuses set behind the input to the active regulator. The nxVolt One also features onboard high speed rectifiers and pre-regulator PI filtering before the raw DC enters the main regulator. So this means the nxVolt One is a fully self contained power supply that only requires an 50VA - 80VA mains power transformer to power it.

The performance of this regulator is very good, providing a well regulated output at any voltage setting and with a ripple rejection of around -80dB and a low dropout voltage of 5.0 volts dc.

The nxVolt One regulator can power two amplifier modules with ease or if you wish for higher isolation between channels power just one amplifier module.

A HPA-nxVolt One suitable to power the HPA-nxV800 module and the HPA-nxV1200 module is available upon request.

It has a voltage range of +-50v to 110vdc and requires the main filter capacitors and decoupling capacitors to be upgrade to handle the higher supply rail voltages as well as some minor changes to the feedback resistors.

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