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I am glad to be here, forum owner is nice and also the moderator...this drives me confortable and confident that nobody will be unfair and will come to bother here.

My name is Carlos Eugênio Mergulhão, i have born in Rio de Janeiro city, Brazil, South America, in July of 1951.... so, as you see, i am almost 59 years old.

Now i am living in the Northeast of Brazil, town is called Recife (reefs) and it is the eastern extreme point of South America...the nearest point refered to Africa.

I am married (2 times) and have three children.... 2 daugthers (28 and 13 years old) and a boy (19 years old).

I have passion about special audio amplifiers, power audio amplifiers, using transistors, BGT transistors, i love discrete amplifiers (no integrated circuit), also i love power supplies, the standard ones, using transformer, rectifiers and electrolitic condensers...and i use to build amplifiers since i had 9 years i am 50 years long doing that...half century.

The name Destroyer x (codename, nickname) was selected because i am an extra destroyer or transistors... i had not , in the early begining, enougth know how....and this made me burn hundreds transistors till i have learned something about.

I think i am someone that have discovered the SMD (made that first) and equalizer (made that first), and my very first audio amplifier was a single stage, class A, power amplifier, using a Germanium power transistor (AD161).... consumption was 1 ampere and voltage was 12 volts..... 12 watts power consumption, electronic stabilized and very well filtered power supply....noiseless supply was used, 12 watts consumption and the output was lovely 500 miliwatts of pure, cristal clear sound.

Since that, i have built more than 5000 audio amplifiers..building, listening, testing, tweaking, adjusting, comparing and dismounting to use the parts, once again, to assemble other audio amplifiers..i was not wealthy, and too much young, had not money to be building things and collecting them in my home is large enougth to have a lot of used to be recycled.... junk parts, from dismounted equipment...was this way.

Last 10 years i have developed the needed skills to design amplifiers using simple method...the ohms law is the tool we need..of course some background, some skills, are needed too.

I have studied electronics almost schools, by myself, buying books and magazines and building all i have found..also speakers enclosures were developed, some of them copied, others created and built.

I have studied electronics in Motorola, also in Telefunken and also in Sony... and i have worked for these companies too.

I have worked for TV Globo, and i am a Broadcasting Television Station Engineering Department expert, also have worked for Brazilian Manpower Department, where i have built a Television Studio to produce films to teach industrial labor techniques... also have worked for several other companies, including Tolledo Bellows (weigth measurement equipment for industries) and several other places.

I am deeply skilled, but i am not an enginneer...i have gratitude to the ones have teached me, and i think i am becoming old and i have to transfer my knowledge to others...and i did it, creating an Orkut group, a selected group, and to these ones i have teached all i know...they are now designing their own amplifiers..the guys are very good now a days.... they have learned a lot...clever one year they have learned a huge ammount of knowledge...classes where schematics and MP3 audio message explaining details.... questions and answers posted to everyone knows and read...this way... everybody was levelled with the same know how.

I know practice, tips and tricks, how to do, how to make... this is all i know...and only audio amplifiers..and only analogic..i do not use fets, not tubes, not chips...all discrete, all standard, all traditional..all very good..all top performers..and i think i have made one of the best amplifiers ever made in this world, the Dx Blame ST...based in the Blameless from Doctor Self.

I love builders, and people interested to learn more...but this depends some skills and background.. to know ohms law... capacitors and resistances in series and parallel, to understand the basic electronics ... i can help people to improve their knowledge...but i cannot start from the very first basic things..takes too much time.

I do believe we have to evaluate audio listening...measurements and numbers are nice indi***ion the amplifier "should" work fine...but audio quality no distortion meter, no scope, no spectrum analiser, can evaluate..humans must listen and should build and compare with other amplifiers they have to evolute in this knowledge.


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Fantastic Mr. Carlos!

I have observing you for more than 5-6 years in DIY audio. Your DX Blame is a real piece of art for music. I have built for my own. Your presentation is very inspirational for all (young) new DIYers.

I appreciate your dedication towards learning and allowing others to learn.

Vijay Daniel.

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I am back to work, after a long vacations.

I was punished at DIY, so i am free to work time to spend



destroyer x

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I am back for some days...i have sent someone to go to hell in the and then they punished and i have now 15 days free to enjoy and to go to the beach and be bothering my friends..buzzing around .

I may also start a new forum only to myself to have more and more fun.



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Thank you Handrich.... down the forum post, in the signature line, you have link to my video presentation...i am talking a little about audio life.