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    Electronİc system's pİctures

    Dear members, in this part, you can share your any electronic system's photos and videos. We can add comments speak about these sharings... LET GOOOOOO-)
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    500w special amplifier

    hello, ı've found new 500w amplifier circuit... but it's best property is it uses BF drivers.... one of the bests for driving... check it out ....
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    2x500w mos-fet amplifier

    Hello, ı've found new rare circuits everytime all you members.. this is: 2x 360w @ 8 ohms 2x 720w @ 4 ohms Bridged 1000w @ 8 ohms Bridged 1300w @ 4 ohms enjoy this all the best @ diysmps.
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    Lab.gruppen plm20000q

    hello; ı've found this user manual and ı want share with all members enjoy this ;)
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    My new chick :)

    Hİ guys time is come... I finished my new chick.. it is hi; hi mid ; low mid speaker battery. The project completely my idea. i have so many speakers but something is missing on my sound system.. HI frequencies.. And ı made this.. ı put a pair of B&C midranges, ELECTRO-VOİCE compression driver...
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    NEW CAR AMP (300w + 150w + 150w ) HOT!

    Hello, I'm sharing amazing things again. and now, THE COMBİNE AMPLIFIER! 300w subwoofer and 150w+ 150w fullrange outable. drawing is sperately unified. 300w is cross overed 150w directly connected. the circuit is new and just completed and testing by my friends. In the next few days i'll post...
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    REAL 500w power amplificator

    Hi guys, ı'm posting a good amp for all diyers. for now, schematic and pcb files included ! -) PCB have small differences from scematic. scematic have huge power but pcb a litlle powerless from it,My friends used in this case, they satisfied its' sound. I hope you too. good luck. ;)
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    Qsc sra 1222

    hi there ı'm posting QSC SRA 1222 power amplifier's scematic enjoy it!
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    enjoy it! :w)
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    JBL GTO 1004 amplifier full project.

    hi there, ı'm posting my specials -) JBL GTO 1004 Power Output 100W RMS x 4 Channels at 4 Ohms 150W RMS x 4 Channels at 2 Ohms Signal-to-Noise (dBA) 104dBA (reference rated power into 4 ohms) THD 0.02% (rated power at 4 ohms) Frequency Response 10Hz - 100kHz (-3dB)
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    AMCRON(CROWN) GEODYNEI 1 schematic+ service manual

    hi there ı'm posting AMCRON(CROWN) GEODYNEI 1 schematic+ service manual enjoy it
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    DYNACORD S-900 s-1200 ELECTRO-VOİCE Q44-Q66

    hi there, ı've found also these. DYNACORD's scematics check them :w)
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    LAB. GRUPPEN FP3400 schematic

    hi there ı'm sending 1 more schematic...
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    Crest audio pro8001 series scematic

    hi there, ı'm sending pro8001 series user&service manuals enjoy it !
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    QSC AMPLİFİER: USA 1310 service&user manual !

    hi guys, ı've found this file at last year, i think and ı'm sharing with all diyers. enjoy it. :w)