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this forum inside five pages just "please send me password" message
I again say ;.. please give password so we talk about this circuit . all everybody


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Okay, but why did you start the discussion and the protected circuit diagram published?

I agree. I think this thread should be removed. To post files with schematics that are directly related to the very nature of this forum, but no password to view them, is awful to say the least.

I also agree with previous posts that nobody here is going to infringe on any patents or copyrights, nor will anybody go into production making a profit with the information. Like so many schematics I have viewed, I generally marvel at the design, give consideration to the manufacturability of the products, and think if I would be able to design something similar. I've worked for OEMs before and know how they treat proprietary information and IP, so get the secrecy. But if you have them, then somebody leaked them, and others have them too. The leak should get in trouble; not us.


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Microsim you are acting foolish here, if you think that file cant be shared in public then what is the point of sharing a password protected file here on the forum?

Please stop this nonsense and delete the thread.


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which model of amplifier these schematics are related of ?
of course i would like to have the passwd also,
It's always nice to see how other people are doing !
(and particularly powersoft....tranfo paralleled ?)
thank you for the forum...


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Thank you for this MicroSim,

Ultra : no paralleled trafos ?
in K3 we have 2 cores and in K20 3 cores.
I guess they are paralleled, but i am not sure at all


In K8 there are also 3 trafos, but not in parallel.
Microsim, the schematic you posted is 10 years old


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Hello Ultra, Thank you for your photos.
The K8 seems to be the same base as the K20.
On K20 there are also the 3 PFC inductors, and the 3 EE cores.

I say the transformers are paralleled because I only see 2 IGBT transistors for all the stuff, and only 3 cases for diodes...
I guess it is possible to parallel some transformers if you have a good fab process which guaranteed same leakage inductors values...
(and same numbers of turns of course ;)

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