SMPS Repair


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I need some help to diagnose this SMPS. I have repaired a few in the past by getting lucky. This one is important to me and I would like to learn a strategy with this. It has no standby power now and is dead. Can one tell by the topology how this works? it is power board L2231-2m


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It looks to me its based on some FSFR chip.

However, you have to fix the standby power supply, then you have to check the main power supply.

If you post a better quality picture from top?


Hi I can see it is an smps with power factor correction at the input. As MicorsiM said a picture which can show the oscillator and also the pfc chip will greatly help. If you can state where this smps is used maybe you can search for a schematic. The schematic will greatly help out. It could also be the case that a protection circuit is activated and could be the reason why the smps seems dead.